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>> let me tell you how many people are still alive because of it and that is all you care about is a stupid cartoon? i take that as a great badge of honor. i can't think of anything i like that says we are trying to do something to save lives. didn't you learn as a kid we should be trying to help each other and save lives? >> geraldo: michael boom bloomberg going out swinging. the three term mayor fighting
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to make, new york, safer are. skinnier and healthier whether we want to be or not. some great guests set to debate bloomberg initiatives ranging from cops stopping and frisking folks that they feel are suspicious to the banning of big gulp drinks we talked about last week and then outlawing the public sale of cigarettes. why is this important outside of the big apple? even if he is on the way out if history is any indication the nanny state is coming to a town near you. with the help of conservative icon ann coulter and mimi roth who reconciled up some of you last week we will debate the issues. ladies, welcome. let's start with the public sale of cigarettes. here again the mayor. >> we are proposing legislation that would prohibit display of tobacco products in most retail establishments. the reason, such displays suggest it as normal activity and they invite young people to experiment with tobacco.
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>> i don't think it will change teenagers knowing about it. it wouldn't make a difference whether it was concealed or not. >> geraldo: isn't that kid right it doesn't make a difference? >> it makes a big difference. one the things i admire about mayor bloomberg is he is a student of behaviorial psychology. if you increase the in convenience you will decrease the behavior and consumption. it will reduce consumption absolutely. >> geraldo: like condoms or female hygiene products? >> but condoms is a different issue i think, geraldo are. >> geraldo: ann, are you a student of behavioral science? >> i think i do not want a may wore who is a behavioral scientist ex-pairmenting. the point, we should just have the death penalty for smokers. >> they do have a death penalty
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self-induced. >> everything you can do to try to discourage behavior all comes down on the smoker. there is lots of behavior are that is worse. i praise the mayor for the campaign against teenage pregnancy as he calls it. the problem is unwed pregnancy and the liberals in the new york times upset about the shaming campaign. shaming clearly works. liberals love shaming. >> i agree. >> they love stigmatizing. when they pretend to be wednesday unwed motherhood they can't against it or allow stigmatizing. >> geraldo: before we get to liberals being against the stigmatization of unwed pregnancy stick to the cigarette displays. is the mayor right and isn't this is a giant step in the nanny state it. >> yes, and like big gulp. i think people are aware. i always claim i don't believe the studies on smoking but i'm
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joking. people snow smoking is bad for you and all of the stick the worldcoms down on the one behavior if you make a personal decision that ends up costing others money somebody has to pick up that tab. that is what we found with smoking. not just the second hand smoke. the pollution. et cetera. the healthcare costs to all of us. if we are picking up the tab somebody has to help pay for that. same thing with obesity. those are the things that bloomberg are is addressing. >> but we didn't ask to pick up 9 tab. it is obama care that foisted it. >> you are wrong about that. >> and we have to wore arery about the the smokers because of obama care. >> you said that. >> we have to do something about the gay bathhouses because aids is expensive and if i'm paying for it. >> geraldo: do they still have guy bathhouses?
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>> it is about insurance actuaries and if they determine things cost more money then you see insurance premiums g. the rest of us are hit with the costs. if gay bars were costing everyone a great deal of money and we were picking up the tab you might see enforcement there. that is not the case. >> why do you say it is not the case. >> if we are picking up the tab? >> geraldo: aren't the majority of aids patients on some kind of government coverage because the aids medication costs so much money. >> aids doesn't only affect homosexuals. >> and illegal drug use. mostly in this country it is homosexual behavior. i'm not the one that wants to go anything about it. if the argument is smoking we all have to pay. sodomy we all have to pape. you are saying go ahead and have is the bathhouses and have at it. >> now, i'm probathhouse.
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>> geraldo: are you? >> i'm saying you have crack down on sed odomy. >> a very interesting topic. condoms a very interesting topic. >> geraldo: wait, wait. >> adults should do what they want to do with their own bodies let me say that, however. >> except in the case of smoking? >> whatever the decision you pick up the tab for the the consequences. let's go back to nannies. not just one kind of nanny. there is the kind that you don't seem to like and don't like who is motivated by wanting to save lives. bloomberg is that kind of nanny. other kinds of nannies that want you to eat more and more of the wrong thing and they are motivated by profit. there is not just one kind of nanny. >> geraldo: ann is there more than one kind of nanny. in. >> no, bloomberg is a politically correct nanny as are you. >> geraldo: is he more than -- >> i not actually. >> unless you are the one sodomized. >> going back to bloomberg.
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>> that costs a lot more. you know, if we have the nanny state let's have the nanny state. >> geraldo: at what point is the nanny state really leadership and helping new yorkers to become safer and healthier and live longer? and have pfizer crimes? >> it is whatever they are chattering about at gay bars that suddenly bloomberg will crack down on. >> that is a nonsense thing. >> geraldo: ann is rolling her eyes. finish. go back to the the zay bars. >> the behaviors that liberals approve of they will not is stigmatize. the behaviors they disapprove of. has nothing to do with the body count or healthcare. i will geithner mat icy they are upset bloomberg is stigmatizing. sodomy will not stigmatizing smoking if we are thinking about it for health costs i can think of a lot more things that are costing. >> mimi, what do you think
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about and frisk where police can be proakron ittive if you enjoy and appreciate proactive behavior to prevent a harm? nothing is more grievous than murder. what about stop and frisk to search kids or young people they feel are suspicious and get their guns before they use them? >> in many cases it proved effective so i'm not completely against stopping and frisking. i don't think it is -- i think it is necessary. i think profiling is necessary. that is the times we live in. >> geraldo: so that is a stunning answer from a liberal. >> outraged guys call me a liberal. i'm case by case. >> geraldo: fine with me. ann, what do you think? >> i want to use drones for stop and frisk. >> geraldo: just like a hellfire strike. >> geraldo: what do you think of stop and frisk seriously? >> it's saving lives of course, i'm for it. i'm sorry i have foregotten his name. i didn't know you would ask me about stop and frisk. thraves black councilman, a small child like four years old was shot in a drive also by
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shooting or something and he said you know screw it i'm for stop and fringe now we can't have the innocent chmowed down. >> geraldo: on the happy note we all agree. thank you very much. coming up you will meet several stories. first of all, the luckiest high school kid in america is here to reveal how he used you tube to score a prom date with kate upton. joe the blu plumbers to tell uy he is raffling off his a.r. 15. and craig investigates in prime time whether several missing models were kidnapped by the same serial rapist. a big show tonight. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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i use bounce outdoor fresh sheets because they're just that much fresher and they help keep static off in the cold
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so my clothes will never embarrass me. mommy, i dressed the snowman! how do you get your bounce? less static year-round. at the corn arer of ellis and london. baby has been shot. >> okay. listen to me, ma'am. is the baby breathing? >> i don't know. >> okay. >> i just came out the. >> did you hear any shots in the area? >> i heard the shots. >> how many shots did you hear?
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>> i heard like three shots. >> three shots. >> and the baby was shot? in the head. >> she is bleeding? >> she is still alive and she is trying to do cpr. the mother is. >> i hate you and i don't forgive you in that you killed an innocent human life and that i hope you die for it. >> blood flows in the streets of high crime neighborhoods from that case, brunswick georgia to chicago, illinois. new york city enjoying a dramatic drop in murder and gun violence and mayor bloomberg knows why. >> this year murders are down 33% from last year which was a record. they are down 35% from o from r before. they are down 42% from the year before that. this past week with the city of 8.4 million people we had one murder. i can't imagine any rational
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person saying that the techniques are not working and that we should stop them. >> i have had this experience all too many times and many of my comrades and friends, relatives have also had the same experience of being stopped for no reason without any justification. >> if elected mayor the city comp troller will end stop and frisk but new york city councilman says that would be a big mistake. the comp troller, welcome. good luck to both of you. why would you "smoking stops of thwhy would you ed >> it is a tactic pitting the police against community leaders and members of the pub live and division and distrust h led to much less cooperation between the community and the police and led to a spike in lawsuits and claims by the community against the nypd and distracting resources from it
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tactics that i believe work like focused deterrents in other cities who have seen reductions in crime and have not resorted to shortstop and frisk. >> we had 414 last year. if we had chicago's. over 4,000 here in new york city. it doesn't work in other cities and it the a big reason stop and frisk and one of the reasons we do have the lower murder rate. two days ago a shooting. a gang banger follows other individuals and police use their experience and followed him and observed him make a move to his waist and they approached and he shoots at them and shoot back and get him. in chicago and detroit three other individuals are dead. a little child killed a drive biand then you make the arrest. in new york city you get the gun and stop the killing. there have been reductions in other cities as well. talk about the numbers because the mayor and police commissioner often cited the
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numbers. in 20002 there were 587 murders and 9 p thousand stop and frisks. 2011, 515 murders. a slight reduction from the 587 but there were 685,000 stop and frisks. what i have a problem with is when you read about almost 700,000 people being stopped and frisked almost all of whom have done nothing wrong because those are the statistics you expect to read that about a third world dictatorship. not in north america certainly not here in new york city. the cost is the racial profiling aspect. it is hard to guy that there is racial profiling when almost everyone being stopped is brown or black. >> geraldo: do you have a response to that, councilman? >> the arguement that the controller is makingnd and he is a friend of mine actually. >> we ride harleys together.
10:19 pm
>> geraldo: that makes three of us. >> the argument is that people should be stopped based on how they exist in the population or this is a racist program. that would mean 50% of the people be stopped should be women. it is not a racist policy. the police department is the most diverse in the entire universe. the people making stops, the majority of minority. when you look at open complaint reports the people that do the stopping are the same groups the people are pointing out. >> geraldo: this is my situation. i think that here you have a mayor who was a republican and later became an independent. a democrat and then a republican and. >> we don't know what the next step is. >> geraldo: a if a liberal democrat is elected and i wish you the best, you have done a fine job as controller. >> we will make big changes here in new york. >> geraldo: but i think one of the changes i am afraid of is you will end stop and frisk and
10:20 pm
why is it directed at latino and black kids because they are the ones doing the shooting and dock the bleeding and the dying. look at chicago. my goodness, if you need any more of an example look at philadelphia. north philadelphia they call it killadelphia. it is like the tsa at the airport searching the old ladies and people in the wheel chair because they don't want to be guilty of racial profiling. you have to rayial profile a race. >> there is no excuse for racial profiling. >> geraldo: what if the statistics you are a mayor and the murder starts ticking up what will you do? >> if it was true you that a lot of people stopped and frisked were guilty of something or the police could even issue them a summons and then you combine that with the fact that the racial [ indiscernible ] parities are there that possibly is excusable. >> geraldo: last year chicago had four in a day and chicago is one third the size of new york. >> pick and choose some other.
10:21 pm
>> new orleans. detroit. >> it is a very weak excuse to have this kind of tactic where again it is racial profiling because almost everybody being stopped and frisked is black or brown. be even in predominantly white neighborhoods and the fact that almost everybody being stopped and frisked has done nothing wrong. >> i wrote the antiracial profiling law in new york city and you cannot stop somebody based on race. even with stop and frisk you can only stop somebody based on reasonable suspicion of committing a crime. racial stops are wrong. are happening? a few are. we had a bad cop once that killed his wife. of course, some bad cops are happening. we have to keep the constant monitoring and constant hearings. it is a strain on the cops and community. >> it is not a strain. we want to keep driving crime down. >> geraldo: come trolling good luck.
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i knew your dad and his grandfather. good luck. >> thank you. >> geraldo: coming up why joe the plumber is giving away his the plumber is giving away his big i'm the world's worst cleaning lady. i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday. ♪ but i don't notice the loose rug at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me. ♪ and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills coulget expensive. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate agent.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. , the senate took steps to reinstate and strengthen ouabain on the sale of military style assault weapons. a ten round limit for magazines and make our schools safer places for kids to learn and to grow. these ideas shouldn't be controversial. they are common sense. supported by a majority of the american people and i urge the senate and house to give each a vote. >> geraldo: the president says the majority of the american people favor an assault weapons ban but a majority of the u.s. senate does not. harry reid taking the ban out
10:26 pm
of the senate gun control bill. still, joe the plumber is raffling off his ar 15. why are you raffling off the gun? >> i want to encourage americans to stand firm in the face of political correctness because that is the battle coming all about control and kind of like the previous guests about the nanny state. it is not to infringe upon our right because some strange lunatic decided to kill people. you don't sit there and take the rights from americans. and these guys barack obama has taken a page from rahm emanuel's book to take advantage of a crisis to try to disarm citizens. i have been a gun owner my life. i take the kids out hunting and we practice. my family feels secure. and as far as the ban on a 30 round clip. there is not enough rounds out there to protect my family and for him to sit there and say
10:27 pm
something like that just it makes me angry. how much is too much to protect my family? >> geraldo: hold up that weapon. hold up the weapon you have there in your house. hold it up. no you what do you use that for? >> an ar 15 colt with a scope furnished by my friends at best request. this is set up at 700-yards. competition shooting and sporting rifle. some people go out and shoot just to have fun at the target ranges and others at competition. a lot of people like it for home safety and you know why because it is their right to have it. >> geraldo: doesn't it make you queasy that adam lanza used the same weapon to kill the children? >> a knife has killed more are people than gun have. there is still brooks out there, too. i'm not a deranged lunatic and he was. >> geraldo: and how do people before we run out of time, how
10:28 pm
do peel get involved in the raffle? >> go to joe for america .com and sign up for the ar 15. one last thing, just like karl rove but conservative. >> geraldo: hold it a little higher. can't see it. hold it a little higher. joe for i like the high prized graphics there. how is your poe let cal aspirations going. >> i'm enjoying being an activist and getting behind great people. i'm having fun making things happen. >> geraldo: i appreciate you coming on. thanks very much. >> geraldo: several aspiring models have gone missing recently. all of them using the same modeling website. here is the question that we ask in the investigation tonight there a serial rapist and killer of these models on the loose vo: always one step ahead with an intuitive motion activated lid and seat,
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and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. live from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. the calendar may show it is spring but these pictures from the mid reveals a big chill still remains. dangerous travel conditions also forcing airlines to cancel more than 100 flights. one particularly treacherous roadway i-70 across kansas. some 50 vehicles including four 18 wheelers crashed or slid off the road there. and another first in the history of the catholic church. two living popes meeting. pope francis visits benedict
10:33 pm
xvi at the retreat where the retired pontiff has been living since he resigned. shepard smitthey spoke private5 minutes and then had lunch. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." to >> i truly believe my daughter came out here are with good intentions and got caught up in something she had no intention of being part of and has no hope or ability to come home. if she could she would. >> geraldo: her mother fears foul play as several aspiring models including her daughter have recently gone miss. time for craig's crime time investigation. >> i went to arizona for the job and while i was out there he and this man came into my hotel room and videotaped and
10:34 pm
did pictures of it. >> aspiring models looking to break into the world of high fashion often use the internet to connect with photographers and agents but a recent rash of disappearances in colorado all associated with the modeling website suggests that predators may be using the worldwide web to prey on young impressionable girls. >> to see that she is missing now is just a crushing blow. >> karen nichols missing from colorado springs since october 9. another aspiring model kelsey disappeared from the denver area february 4. and 17-year-old raven cassidy furlong has been missing since february 5. all three used model mayhem a networking website for models and photographers. >> we were doing reverse image searches on the internet and this is how you we came across the account. there was one photographer who had asked her if she was 18 and she said she was not 18 yet and then later in the same
10:35 pm
conversation asked her if she would shoot nude photographs knowing she was not of age. >> she was wasn't running away from anything at home so she was lured away. >> her car has been tracked to los angeles where her mother believes she has fallen into a sex trafficking ring. despite a run in with the law, raven is no wore t no where to. >> they flood had the flyer and they booked her and released her on march 10 and despite signs she had been assaulted they never questioned it. >> the police say that your daughter is is a runaway. what do you say about that? >> she did leave the house voluntary early and so aurora considers her a runaway and will not change the status. this is one of the road blocks we face throughout the whole investigation. >> how many girls do you think have been victimized? >> i work with the national women's coalition against violence and exploitation and
10:36 pm
their number is in the teens of just girls who have come forward but even since that number was established i had additional girls who e-mail me. >> jillian claims she was raped and sex trafficked after connecting with a man who claims to be a manager. >> i was a freshman and college and had a girl reach out to me and said i have a guy who wants to represent you and i worked with him for several months and went to a modeling job in scottsdale aerodynamic. the first night i was there he and two other are guys came into the tell room and raped me and videotaped it and photographed it and then i came home and they said the tapes would be used against me for blackmail. >> so it didn't end after you were raped in arizona? >> then it went on for a period of six months until he ended up going to prison for something else. >> what was happening in the six months what was he doing
10:37 pm
doing? yes. >> would say i have one of my clients who wants to sleep with outraged or meet with you or take pictures of you new lingerie and if you don't do this we will physically hurt you or i'm going to use these videotapes against you. >> julia started a nonprofit called all we want is and warns other potential victims like ashley. >> i was about 18. i had a businessman reach out to me on a modeling website called one model place and not really realizing what was going to happen. took a couple of pictures. things went from bad to worse and he ultimately raped me. >> did you tell your parents? >> no, i did not tell my parents actually. i told my mom last night before i did this interview. >> how did they respond? numb. shocked. sad. a lot of mixed emotions. >> how did you feel telling them?
10:38 pm
>> like a million ton brick was lifted off of me. >> whether you are 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, doesn't really matter. the life experience that you have and the dream to become famous and glamourized and become a mod st. louis so is huge in society and social media and social websites you never know who you are talking to on the other side of the compute. model mayhem stated previously "the site strongly believes that safety should be top of line when doing anything online and tries to educate users about scams and how to atroy them. >> you get an e-mail with a large sum of money attached to it and you know that that is probably too good to be true then it probably is. >> for raven furlong and the other missing girls the search continues. >> she is a teenager with stars in her eyes and had obviously delusions of grandeur and wound up in a situation she can't handle. >> what do you want to say to raven? >> come home. we love you and miss you.
10:39 pm
>> tonya fears that her daughter are could be anywhere so asks that any one with information on raven furlong visit facebook .com/help find raven cassidy furlong. for karen nichols help us find karen nichols. back to you you. >> geraldo: excellent report and we feel for the parents and those children. and ladies and gentlemen, we will update you on the story as developments warrant. up next, you will meet the 17-year-old high school senior who may have scored a prom date with america's sexiest model ÷÷
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indiana viting you to my senior prom. you are on the cover of sport illustrated. i read sports illustrated. we can ride around all night long until 11:00. that is my curfew. so kate, will you go to prom with me? >> joining us on the phone is the woman herself kate upton. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you guys? >> hi, kate. >> how do you feel? >> this just got so much better now that you are on the phone. >> it will be a great night. a great evening. i could even get the curfew
10:44 pm
extended hopefully talk to my parents maybe. >> i defectionsly have to check my schedule. but you seem like so much fun and if everything works out i would love to go with you. i know we he would have a blast. >> geraldo: wow, talk about dreams coming true. 17-year-old jake posted the video and it went viral getting almost 2 million hits including one from kate upton herself. jake joins us from l.a. his hometown. dude, what are you going to do about that 11:00 curfew? >> thanks for having me on, mr. rive ram. i will get that lifted for that night. no question. >> geraldo: did you expect her to respond? tell us the reaction? >> jaw dropped to be an understatement. i do not expect her to respond at all. it was cool and gracious of her to respond. obviously i thought she was
10:45 pm
cool when i asked but that is just incredibly cool. i was actually at school studying for a test and my phone was off and i turned back on and i walked outside and some of my friends were there practicing volleyball and they he told me and they were jumping around are it was so exciting and incredible. >> in the pecking order of the high school, are you one of the cool guys in the school? how has this affected the social status in the high school? >> well, i don't think we have like cool and uncool at our school. we are all pretty close. a smaller school burks. but definitely when i came to school on thursday everyone was extra friendly and saying hi even more than usual? >> so have you heard from her? i mean what is the status of the extraordinary offer and partial conditional acceptance? >> it is still a maybe. the last time i heard was the today show which was again a second time showing how cool and incredible she is.
10:46 pm
if her schedule permits and she is a busy professional. so probably likelihood that she does have something. i don't know but you she has been so nice already just to respond. i'm elated with that and anything more is just gravy. i have not heard, though. and i'm just excited to hear either way. incredible. >> geraldo: what is your big plan? what would your date with kate upton be? >> i mentioned a nice restaurant. possibly kr-678d haeuffered car. some of my older friends who served as like role models in the past have been giving me some advice on how to make the night extra cool. one told me about an idea which i liked and i'm just working out some things and definitely creative trying to prepare to make this incredible. >> she is an older woman, like,
10:47 pm
20, 22 years. >> i think she is 20. >> and you are 17. worried she is more experienced than you maybe? >> never really crossed my mind when i was making the video. as a superis model she is way out o of my league but i just thought go big or stay home. >> go big or stay home. you don't have a girlfriend in school? >> no, i don't. i have girl friends but no girlfriend. great on your resume. >> thanks so much. i am going to college. waiting to hear back from some of the ivies next week and excited to hear back and hopefully i will have some options and make a decision. >> like the kid in risky business. shot big and maybe made it who knows, jake. good luck to you. let us know if kate calls back and shows up. >> i definitely will. thanks so much for have isinging me.
10:48 pm
>> geraldo: it was great. up next, was he really guilty? hbo has a new movie out that suggests that phil specter probably the greatest pop rock music producer ever was wrongfully convicted of murdering his girlfriend lana clarkson. remember he was convicted of shooting her in the face. the movie suggests he may have been wrongfully convicted. or lana clarkson. she appeared in one movie. here is lana. >> my two star students. i would like you to meet my wife, mrs. vargas. >> hi. >> hi. ♪ michael, tell us why you used to book this fabulous hotel? well you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it, and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. now you can save up to
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you testified she had the gun in her mouth. i screamed no. they kill me for telling the truth. >> i knew phil specter played there by al pacino. i always thought he was at least half crazy. i will tell you some of the stories if we have time. he was also a genius who produced songs like to know him is to love him. you lost that loving feeling. let it be by the beatles and a ton of pop rock classics from the 1960s. he was always a weirdo and in 2003 he was accused of killing his girlfriend with a single shot to the face at point blank range. his lawyers including our friend linda kenny baden argued
10:53 pm
that clarkson killed herself. on sunday night, hbo has a spectacular murder out about the murder and the trial stars al pacino and the great hell lin miron playing linda baden. she is married to dr. michael baden who testified for the defense in the first trial. edward losi on your right. a well known publicist in town who knew the victim well and he is fighting mad about the entire hbo project. first edward, become both of you gentlemen. edward, why are you angry with the movie which purports to be fact-based? >> geraldo, first off, lana clarkson was not phil specter's girlfriend. she didn't even know him three hours before he murdered her. so for the correction. >> geraldo: wait, that was
10:54 pm
their first date? >> yeah. >> geraldo: that was their first date? i did not know that. >> so this hbo film it murders the truth like phil specter murdered lana. it as scam on the american public. this is a shameful situation. shame on david for writing this. shame on barry levinson for making a quick buck on it and shame most of all on the hbo executives who greenlighted this. it has nothing to do with the truth. but it also brings an insult to our dear friend lana clarkson and that is why i'm here. the friends are lana clarkson made up of 50 people in the entertainment business who knew her, loved her and worked with her. this film is -- starts out with a screen misnomer that says this is actually not really based on truth it is fiction
10:55 pm
and a myth logical sort of a thing. they were forced to do that because of two years we have been fighting this film and what it is about. you can't say it as fiction when you are using real people's names. >> geraldo: what is your biggest beef edward? what is the biggest beef about it? >> the biggest beef is that it portrays lana clarkson as being responsible for are her own death. this trial was two years. two different trials. a jury convict #-d him. this movie takes away any kind of faith in the american jury system. all of the evidence that dr. baden and his wife which is still we don't understand the conflict of interest, how can a wife bring in a forensic expert who was paid $103,000 for his testimony which the brilliant district attorney allen jackson brought out in the trial, how can you even be part of this
10:56 pm
fall lacy? can't is your cake and eat it both, hbo. >> geraldo: you made a big charge there. dr. michael baden he is suggesting that you altered your testimony for money. you can respond directly to the charge but i would also like you to tell us why you thought there was ambiguity about whether she killed herself. >> he looked at it differently than i looked at it. i saw the preview. has nothing to do with what he is talking about. has nothing to do with determining whether lana clarkson was guilty of homicide or accidental self-inflicted which was testified to by various experts in the first trial because nobody can kill somebody hom homicideally by putting a gun in his mouth. that happens even playing around with it for example. nothing to do with the film. what he was talking about in the film between al pacino and
10:57 pm
helen miron was the constant attention between the celebrity, between public emotions and forensic science. because the forensic science which i testified to and i was called in on day one and i was present and participated in the autopsy on lana clarkson. my wife came in about two or three years later well beyond my involvement in the case. >> geraldo: so your wife didn't bring you in, you were in? >> i was brought in on day one by the attorneys that the time. >> geraldo: so dose edward owe you an apology? >> he is wrong and sure, he owes me. i didn't get $103,000. but he makes up things i see from this. the first contact i have seen. >> excuse me, excuse me. may i interrupt. >> geraldo: let him finish. >> and what mammoth dose brilliantly in the film is to show the conflict that happened
10:58 pm
in many cases. this is not lanaing clarkson at issue here and he doesn't make it lana clarkson at issue. he makes it attention in all homicides between -- the tension in all homicides between the forensic science, emotions and in this case celebrity. >> geraldo: edward, go ahead. >> okay. shame on you, dr. baden. you know that you were paid. allen jackson said in front of the jury and me. >> geraldo: then he was wrong. he was wrong. >> no, no, no. >> then he was wrong. you did this for free? >> no, i wasn't paid the amount that you said. much less than that. i was an expert and i participated in the autopsy. >> let's talk about what we are really upset about is this trial making it look like a 40-year-old beautiful person named lana clarkson had nothing better to dothan to blow her brains out. >> it doesn't say that at all.
10:59 pm
that is not in there at all. >> it does say it. >> did you see the movie? >> yes, i did. >> okay. >> i have seen the movie twice. we were at the l.a. screening. and it shows. >> geraldo: i thought you protested outdoors? >> we were inside. >> you are sure you saw the film? you are sure you saw the film? >> i have a copy of the film. i have the film. >> geraldo: you may have is it physically. you did watch the movie? >> i saw the movie. and that is why i'm here today, okay. i saw the movie. >> geraldo: you were pro. >> you were protesting before we saw the movie. >> because we knew what was going to happen. we have been working on two years and we have been writing to everybody on the set. >> specter was convicted the second time and doing 19 years to life. edward you are dear friend of hers. hers. [ birds chirping ] i'm your hot water heater. you hardly know i exist. that's too bad. 'cuz if my pressure relief valve gets stuck... [ booooooom! ]

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